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You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something - your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life. - Steve Jobs

Soyuz and the Seven C's 
The KGA 5th Grade celebrate and apply the "Seven C's" to each learning adventure we take together.
The crew of Soyuz Expedition #41 took an adventure together as they traveled from the International Space Station back to Earth on Monday, November 10th at approximately 03:58 GMT. The Soyuz capsule un-docked from the ISS over Argentina and landed in Kazakhstan. KGA 5th graders were surprised to learn that the descent takes just 3.5 hours, the capsule lands on land rather than in water, they travel through temperatures that near 2500-3000 degrees Fahrenheit, and that the final thrusters ignite just 70 centimeters before the capsule hits land.
Our Seven C's, as they have evolved, are: cogitatecollaborateconstructcalculatecraftcommunicate, and connect. See if you can identify each of the seven C's in a Soyuz return-to-Earth adventure. Also in November, we will watch and analyze the launch of Soyuz Expedition #42, commanded by American astronaut Barry Wilmore, of NASA.  
Students Have a Voice with Padlet
This morning students used Padlet to communicate a portion of last night's homework. The idea behind the question was to find ways to effectively communicate that a partner made errors in mathematics.
Chandler Education Foundation Prize Patrol Visits 5th Grade
Several weeks ago the 5th grade teachers wrote a grant for a second GoPro camera and various accessories to use for an upcoming high altitude balloon launch. Friday morning the Chandler Education Foundation Prize Patrol surprised the teachers and awarded them $720 to purchase these materials. This grant and others that were awarded around the district would not have been possible without your generous donations during CEF's 100% Awareness Campaign.
"Turn Him Loose, Bill" by Remington
Thanks to our amazing Art Masterpiece volunteers who shared with the 5th graders a new work of art and new techniques.
Cardboard Challenge 2014
Thank you for supporting the 2014 Knox Gifted Academy Cardboard Challenge. We appreciate all the supplies and time you spent in our class helping students design and build amazing works of engineering and art. We hope you noticed the time and effort that went into each project, the mathematics behind the scaling, and the engineering design process each team or individual employed to make an amazing product.
International Dot Day
We hope the 5th graders had a wonderful day of creativity and courage. Thanks to all the families who were able to donate items or donate time (or both).
Forest of Dots  
Design Squad Lunar Lander Testing
Teams of engineers tested their lunar landers and evaluated the performance of their spacecraft using a rubric that helps determine scores for accuracy, damage, and rate of descent.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream
Mystery State Hangout - NOTE THE DATE CHANGE!
Can a group of students located somewhere in the world find the location of another other group of students? Tune in to the live broadcast on Monday, August 25 Tuesday, August 26 at 11am PST.
Communicating Science To A Real Audience
Several teachers from Yuma stopped by the 5th grade classrooms last week interested in how we do things at KGA. Turns out a team of scientists/engineers/researchers were conducting their last water bottle rocket trials. This KGA 5th grader explains to teachers the science and design behind her team's experiment.
Google Apps for Education (GAFE)
This year your child will be using Google Apps for Education and Classroom by Google to create, connect, and collaborate on all types of classwork and homework. Each student has his or her own school account to create and store files. Students have access to Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Drawing, and Presentations. They can also use the Google Calendar. They do not have access to Gmail. Each student has 30GB of space to use for school-related work. They are not to store personal files in their school account. Please review their work on GAFE often as we will make comments and post grades on their files.
Students using GAFE  
Students will also use Edmodo as a collaborative workspace as teams are created and connections are built within our school and across the globe. The site is secure and is monitored by the teachers. Students may use Edmodo for educational purposes only and must pay close attention to the quality and type of content they share is this will represent their digital identities. We will work closely with the students as the continue to develop digital citizenship. Please make sure that your child has subscribed to the KGA Team 5th Grade Edmodo group (details are in the Homework/Other Assignments page.
Welcome, 2014-2015 KGA Team 5th Grade!
The KGA Team 5th Grade is looking forward to filling this virtual space with images, video, reflections, celebrations, and information with you this school year. One way to stay in touch with what is going on in rooms B1, B2, and B3 is to check the announcements scroll, the Homework/Other Assignments page and the Daily Reflection page regularly. For a glimpse of, "A Day in the Life" as a KGA 5th grade student and parent, enjoy this video!