Chandler Unified School District School Letter Grades

  • Chandler Unified is proud to announce the results of our latest Letter Grade report from the Arizona Department of Education.  The report serves as a testament to our unwavering dedication to academic excellence and our relentless pursuit of providing the best possible education to our students.  CUSD is committed to student success beyond graduation, whether it be employment, enrollment in a post-secondary school, enlistment in the military, or entrepreneurship.  #WeAreChandlerUnified   

    Superintendent's Letter: CUSD Letter Grades | Calificaciones de Chandler Unified 

  • Chandler Unified School District School Letter Grades

  • Highlights of our latest grade report:

    • An overall grade of "A" for the district
    • 30 CUSD schools achieved an "A" grade, 7 more than the previous year
    • 10 CUSD schools earned a "B" grade
    • 91% of CUSD schools earned an A or B grade
    • 7 schools moved up at least one letter grade, 2 of which increased by two letter grades, all 7 receiving "A" grades
    • 35 schools maintained their letter grade from the previous year

    The Arizona Department of Education "measures year to year student academic growth, proficiency on English language arts, math and science, the proficiency and academic growth of English language learners, indicators that an elementary student is ready for success in high school and that high school students are ready to succeed in a career or higher education and high school graduation rates."