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Subject / Grade Priority Preschool
Room: 1
Phone: 480-883-4031
Email: Vasquez
"When a flower doesn't bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower"
-- Alexander Den Heijer

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Preschool.. where the adventure begins :)

My Education and Professional Background

Bachelor of Arts in Education Early Childhood & Early Childhood Special Education from Arizona State University

My Educational Philosophy

My teaching philosophy has evolved over the year as I have gained more experience in a classroom. My belief for teaching is that I as a teacher will always best support my students. I hope to have a classroom where students feel safe and empowered. I believe in a classroom that helps children not only learn but also become good citizens. I believe in having a strong sense of community in my classroom which promotes positivity, culture, safety and diverse learning. This will be incorporated by, encouraging my students to develop skills to collaborate. Diverse learning will be done by, differentiating my lessons and activities to accommodate each specific learner. To promote safety in the classroom, I will model respect to students. For example, teaching students how to keep their bodies, class and friends safe. I will do this by setting expectations and rewarding good behavior with positive reinforcement.

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