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Subject / Grade K-3 Special Ed. Self Contained
Room: 3
Phone: (480)883-4433
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"Comparison is the thief of joy."
-- Theodore Roosevelt

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My name is Valerie Rand and I am looking forward to all the adventures and memories this new school year will bring! This is my fourth year teaching the K-3 C.A.S.E classroom at Basha Elementary.

My Education and Professional Background

I grew up in Boston, Massachusetts and decided to go to University of Arizona (go Wildcats :) ). After I graduated in 2012, I moved to the Phoenix area and probably won't be leaving this sunny weather any time soon!

My Educational Philosophy

Our Classroom Philosophy Our job is to foster independence, both functionally and academically in our students. Our students have some disadvantages, therefore they need to learn to self-advocate. When given a crutch, anyone will use it (learned helplessness). In the long run, we're not educating children, we're educating future citizens. They are developing life-long habits in learning, behavior and functional skills.

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