Dr. Camille Casteel High School Colts Athletic Department
    Mr. Ryan Ridenour, Athletic Director  Ridenour.Ryan@cusd80.com
    Ms. Jen Pugh, HS Athletic Secretary Pugh.Jennifer@cusd80.com 
     Ms. Jen Johnson, Athletic Counselor Johnson.Jennifer@cusd80.com

    CCHS uses registermyathlete.com for all athletic clearance! 

    Required AIA forms (to complete and upload to registermyathlete.com):

    Form 15.7A  2019-20 Annual Preparticipation Physical Evaluation

    Form 15.7B  2019-20 Annual Preparticipation Physical Evaluation

    Form 15.7C  2019-20 (MTBI) / Concussion Annual Statement and Acknowledgement Form

    Form 15.7D  2019-20 Consent to Treat Form


    Casteel Colts Athletic Department Vision/Mission Statement




    • Maintain a CHAMPIONSHIP CULTURE while maximizing the potential of EVERY student-athlete within our program.




    • Live a CULTURE OF CHARACTER in which every student-athlete is accountable to a higher standardand held accountable by all coaches in all programs! Courage, Character and Commitment!

    • Develop the whole student-athlete: mentally, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually in order to MAXIMIZE EVERY ATHLETE’S POTENTIAL.

    • Create an environment that RECRUITS ITSELF and is filled with high-end student-athletes.

    • Develop SELF-SUSTAINING, HIGH-PERFORMING PROGRAMS in regard to financial resources.

    • Maintain the TOP FACILITIES in the state. Care for facilities as a department-wide focus.

    • Develop and foster YOUTH PROGRAMS that continually load the system. Casteel will be known the SCHOOL OF CHOICE for student-athletes.

    • WIN on and off the playing field!





    • Each program will have an ACADEMIC PLAN with outcome goals and supporting data.

    • Every level, of every program, will have a documented CHARACTER program.

    • EFFORT and ACHIEVEMENT will be expected in all aspects of every program.


          1. 3 days per week

               2. Every student MUST dress in matching program attire.

               3. Participation is MANDATORY. Program support is ESSENTIAL.

    • We will SUPPORT each other’s athletes and programs.

    • We will ENCOURAGE dual/multi-sport athletes.

    • We will WIN in all aspects of our programs.