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Subject / Grade 7th and 8th grade Spanish level 1
Room: M5
Phone: (480) 883-5591
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"One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way."
-- Frank Smith

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Welcome to Spanish level 1! This year my students will be working in the foundations for Spanish Level 1 and they will be ready to enroll in Level 2, when they start High School.

My Education and Professional Background

My name is Mónica Kirshberg. I teach 7th and 8th grade Spanish Level 1, and I co-lead the Electives Department. I am from Córdoba, Argentina and I was a school teacher there for 12 years. I taught from 2nd to 5th grade Language Arts (Spanish), Math, Social Studies and Science, and 6th and 7th grade Language Arts (Spanish) and Social Studies. I have a Bachelor Degree in Education, I am a Certified Teacher with a Secondary Endorsement in Foreign Language: Spanish. I passed the ASU, Arizona Classroom Teacher Spanish Proficiency Examination and the AEPA (Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessments) Spanish is a National Evaluation Series™ (NES®) test. This is my 17 year teaching in Arizona and 13 years at Bogle, Go Bulldogs! ¡GRACIAS!

My Educational Philosophy

I want to create a classroom that is a safe learning environment for all. From my educational experiences, I know how valuable teacher encouragement and motivation is for student personal motivation and confidence. I intend to motivate students while teaching them to be intrinsically motivated and independent, through challenging yet supportive lessons and assignments.

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