•                      We The People

    New Course Open to Seniors for 2019-2020


    The primary goal of We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution is to promote civic competence and responsibility among the nation's elementary and secondary students. What makes the program so successful is the design of its instructional program, including its innovative culminating activity.

    The instructional program enhances students understanding of the institutions of American constitutional democracy. At the same time, students discover the contemporary relevance of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    Participants hold a simulated congressional hearing as the culminating activity for the We the People program. The entire class, working in cooperative teams, prepares and presents statements before a panel of community representatives who act as congressional committee members. Students then answer questions posed by the committee members. The format provides students an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of constitutional principles while providing teachers with an excellent means of assessing performance.


    For more information see Mr. Dellacona, Dept. Chair, in classroom J119

    Course Registration Info: Honors Class. SSE405


    Military History


    The US Military History Elective Course is a one semester course open to any 10th-12th graders that is designed to teach and engage students on how US military history has evolved and changed over time. Students will also learn about how tactics and military technology helped to change the course of battlefields. The difference between this course and the others we offer is that we will focus on the technological changes of war as well as the impact the wars have on economics and society within the United States.

    All high school students can take this course and will count as an elective.

    Topics covered:

    • French and Indian War
    • Revolutionary War
    • American Civil War
    • Spanish-American War
    • WWI
    • WWII
    • Cold War (Korea, Vietnam)
    • War on Terror
    • Military technology
    • Military leaders

    Students will also have the opportunity to take a field trip to the Arizona Military Museum. Transportation will be included, but students will have to pay the entrance fee ($10).    

    Elective Couse # SSE200 A or B (Depending on the semester you sign up for. See Mr. James in A14.