Playground Safety

  • Please periodically review some playground safety guidelines with your child for the safety of everyone on the playground-

    •  Proper attire- A) do not wear drawstrings or scarves on the equipment to avoid a choking hazard. B) Wear appropriate running/PE shoes if you are going to be playing on the playground. Sandals, dress shoes/boots and open-toed shoes are slippery and can lead to injuries.
    •  Make sure shoestrings are tied. Children should be able to tie their shoes independently by the ages of 5-8. If they cannot tie their shoes, consider buying Velcro shoes for them.
    •  Play on dry equipment and surfaces. If it is wet you can slip and fall. This includes staying away from wet grass and muddy areas on the playground and cement.
    • Always look in the direction you are walking/running to avoid harming yourself or others.
    • Hold on to the swings with 2 hands at all times and come to a complete stop before departing from the swing.
    • No swinging on the monkey bars to reach the next bar. Even though the schools' playground equipment is designated for school-aged children- If you cannot safely reach the next bar, it might be a good idea to try again at a later date when skills or growth have increased.
    • Slides- 1 person at a time, no pushing, face forward, feet first, and make sure the area at the bottom of the slide is clear. Only go down the slide and not up.
    • Avoid running around the playground equipment in the wood chip area. There are too many obstacles and people in the way.
    • Keep your hands to yourself. No touching, pushing or shoving.
    •  Play at a “playground” skill level so all may enjoy playing.
    • No running on the wood chips. Only the grass and cement. Do not run through peoples games if you are not playing with them.
    • Do not play in or around wet and muddy areas. The health office does not provide a change of clothes for students that choose to play in wet and/or muddy areas. Parents will be called to provide a change of clothes if your student wants to change out of their wet or muddy clothes. Otherwise, water and mud will dry and can be brushed off when dry.
    •  Play together, be kind, don’t spoil it for others and have fun!

    Click here for Playground Safety: Tips for Kids from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

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