• Welcome to ACP Oakland Athletics!! This is an exciting time for your Junior High student as they explore the many options that are available to them at the Junior High level!  We are unique in having 6th graders be able to participate on athletic teams and offer 7th and 8th grade sports teams as well!  Hopefully this page will answer some of your questions.

    • 6th graders are welcome to try out for any of our 7th grade teams.
    • 7th graders may be selected for 8th grade teams if 8th grade numbers are low.  An 8th grader WILL NOT be cut from an 8th grade team to place a 7th grader. 
    • Our seasons are short with generally 5 home games and 5 away games.   
      • 1st Qtr: Flag Football, Boy’s Baseball, Girl's Volleyball, Cheer
      • 2nd Qtr: X Country, Boy’s Basketball, Girl's Softball, Cheer
      • 3rd Qtr: Wrestling, Boy’s Soccer, Girl's Basketball, Cheer
      • 4th Qtr: Track, Boy’s Volleyball, Girl's Soccer
    • All athletes must register, download, print and upload all required forms found at registermyathlete.com


    • Requirements include an athletic physical- you must download, print this form and take it to your doctor for completion.  You can also get athletic physicals at Minute Clinics, etc.  Your athlete WILL NOT be allowed to tryout for a sports team unless all forms are complete and uploaded and they have been "athletically cleared"


    • Try outs are held at the beginning of each season for a minimum of 3 days.  Coaches evaluate and select members of the team.  Keep in mind some "no cut" sports include X Country, Wrestling & Track.


    • When kids are selected for a team, the coach will let parents know the practice schedule but in general……..
    1. Flag Football practices are usually held after school at Erie (a bus runs the kids over-parent’s pick up from Erie when over-normally 3-5 pm)
    2. Baseball practices after school at Chandler’s baseball fields-normally 3-5 pm.
    3. Practices for X Country are after school 3-5 pm at Oakland. 
    4. Boy's & Girl's Basketball practices after school in Oakland gym-normally 3-5 pm.
    5. Wrestling practices after school at Erie-again normally 3-5 pm.
    6. Boy's & Girl's Soccer practice at Erie usually 3-5 pm.
    7. Girl's Softball practice at CHS softball fields 3-5 pm.
    8. Track practice at CHS track- 6-7 am
    9. Boy’s Volleyball practice 6-7 am- Oakland gym
    10. Girl's Volleyball practice -Oakland gym 3-5 pm.
    11. Cheer practice- TBD

     **Practices could change due to field use & coach availability.

    Games:  depends on fields again but in general:

    1. Football games at either Erie or Anderson- 4:30 pm 7th grade/5:30 8th grade
    2. Baseball games at Anderson- 4:30 pm start both
    3. Boy's & Girl's Volleyball games in Oakland gym- 4:30 pm 7th/5:30 8th grade
    4. Boy's & Girl's Basketball games in Oakland gym- 4:30 pm 7th/5:30 8th grade
    5. Boy's & Girl's Soccer at either Erie or Anderson-4:30 pm start
    6. Girl's Softball games at CHS softball fields- 4:30 pm
    7. X Country meets are typically in large parks (Tumbleweed for example)
    8. Wrestling meets at Erie- 4:30 pm
    9. Track meets at Chandler HS- 4:30 pm
    10. Cheerleaders cheer for 2nd Qtr and 3rd Qtr basketball games.  Possibly some football games- do not travel to away games

    Keep in mind all other sports teams travel to away games- kids ride the team bus.  

    Uniforms- ACP owns team uniforms and coaches will check out a uniform to all players who make the team.  These are school property and should be taken care of.  Fees will be assessed for damaged or lost uniforms and fees will remain on your student's account while they are a student in CUSD.   

    All players selected to a sports team are also required to pay a $20 athletic participation fee that helps fund our program.    

Last Modified on May 29, 2019