Curriculum Map

  • Textbook: Auténtico 2

    Quarter 1

    Review of Spanish 1 Material

    • Describing people, asking for information, nationalities ,adjective agreement, leisure activities, seaons of the yearand verb conjugations. 

    Chapter 1A: ¿Qué haces en la escuela?

    • Vocabulary: Classroom Items, Activities and Rules
    • Grammar: Stem-changing verbs and Affirmative/Negative words.

    Chapter 1B: ¿Qué haces después de las clases?

    • Vocabulary: Extracurriculur activities
    • Grammar: Making comparisons, Hacer + expressions of time and Saber y Conocer.

    Chapter 3B: ¿Cómo se va...?

    • Vocabulary: Places in the city/town, Driving terms ,and Modes of Transportation.
    • Grammar: Direct Object Pronouns, Affirtmative Tú commands, and Present Progressive with irregular forms.

    Quarter 2

    Chapter 2A: ¿Cómo te preparas?

    • Vocabulary: Daily routine and Getting ready for an event.
    • Grammar: Flexive verbs, Ser v.s Estar, and Possessive Adjectives. 

    Chapter 2B: ¿Qué ropa compraste?

    • Vocabulary: Shopping terms, Prices, and Money
    • Grammar: Preterite of Regular Verbs and Demostrative Adjectives

    Chapter 3A: ¿Qué hiciste ayer?

    • Vocabulary: Running errands, Locations downtown, and Items Purchased.
    • Grammar: Direct Object Pronouns and Preterite Super irregulars

    Quarter 3

    Chapter 4A: Cuando éramos niños

    • Vocabulary: Toys, Play terms, and Describing children
    • Grammar: Imperfect tense (regulars/irregulars), and Indirect Object Pronouns

    Chapter 4B: Celebrando los días festivos

    • Vocabulary: Expressions describing etiquette, and Holiday/Family Celebrations
    • Grammar: The imperfect tense, Describing a situation, and Reciprocal actions. 

    Chapter 5A: Un acto heroico

    • Vocabulary: Natural disasters, Emergencias, and Rescues
    • Grammar: The imperfect tense and Preterite review of stem-changers.

    Quarter 4

    Chapter 5B: Un accidente

    • Vocabulary: Parts of the body, Accidents, and Events in the emergency room.
    • Grammar: Preterite super irregular review, Imperfect progressive tense, and Preterite v.s Imperfect.

    Chapter 6A: ¿Viste el partido en la tele?

    • Vocabulary: Watching Tv, and Sporting Events
    • Grammar:Preterite Ir stem-changers, and other reflexive verbs

    Chapter 7A: ¿Cómo se hace la paella?

    • Vocabulary: Cooking expressions, food, and appliances
    • Grammar: Tú commands