• Dear Parents,

    Welcome to Fourth Grade!  Below you will find important information regarding classroom and school policies and procedures.


    You are cordially invited to be a partner in your child’s education.

    Stay Tuned: Ask your child what he or she is studying, and make sure they look in their back pack every night and share what they are learning with you. Most papers from the week will come home on Friday’s.  We will also email weekly updates.  Therefore, it is vital that we have a current email address for each student. We will also make phone calls and send emails if we feel your child is not progressing as expected.

    Ask Questions:  If you have any concerns or are wondering why something is happening, please feel free to call or email us at any time.  We welcome all concerns, ideas, and feedback that affect your child or our classroom.  If something is not working, we are more than willing to talk.  

    Homework:  You should expect your child to have about 30 minutes of homework Monday through Thursday. In addition, it is expected that they read a minimum of 20 minutes per night.  We encourage you to set up with your child a scheduled time and place for homework each day.  Students should be able to do most assignments independently. If you notice that your child is unable to do an assignment, or it is taking your child more than 30 minutes to complete their homework, please let us know. 

    Birthdays:   We highly encourage you to participate in Fulton’s Birthday Book Club.  This celebration takes place in the library, and the kids absolutely love it!  Look for additional information on the Fulton website.

    Snacks and Water Bottles:  We will have a short daily snack time.  Students may bring in a small healthy snack…no candy, please. Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle to school each day, especially during the hot months.  Please make sure it is marked clearly with their name.  Also, please no red drinks at school. 

    Lunch: Fourth grade will have lunch from 11:50-12:30. 

    Lunch Money:  **School lunch continues to be free for students through government program. 

    Before School Procedures:  Students can be dropped off between 8:05 and 8:25. Our class will line up on the basketball court, at number 18.  We will have cones set up and marked with our names for the first few days of school so that the kids will know where to line up.

    Pick up and Drop off Procedure: When dropping off and picking up your child in the East parking lot, please make sure you pull all the way up to the last cross walk before letting your child enter or exit your car.  This is for safety reasons as well as to help keep traffic moving.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this important fourth grade information.


    We are looking forward to a fantastic year!



    The 4th Grade Team