Helpful Tips for Home

  • As your child's first teacher, mentor, and confidant you hold such a powerful role in their life. The time you spend with your child is a fantastic investment.

    Read everyday!!! Research states that reading is the most essential component for school success. Reading to your child, reading with your child, having them read to you, listening to stories on tape, and talking about what you read are all ways to read. Even if your child can't fully read the words themelves, they can read the pictures by talking about what they see happening. Children's books are rich in vocabulary, even more so then adult TV shows or movies, so please read lots of picture books, they are not just for babies.

    Opportunities for reading can also come from magazines, comic books, road signs, posters and displays at stores, and recipes (cooking with your child even has math and science bonuses).

    Play! Play is your child's job and they learn incredible skills thorugh active imagination and how to act in social settings. Follow your child's lead and enjoy the time with them.

    Model the actions you want your child to emulate. School should be exciting and fun and a place where they get to learn how to be a happy, successful, and independent person that will contribute to society.  Homework is a way to foster the skills learned in school, but even more importantly it is creating the life-long habit of taking owership in their work and developing study skills and time management. They will need help and guidance in learning how to work first, play later, and what it means to use their time wisely. 

    Communication is key to a productive, successful, and happy 1st grade year. We are a partnership and I am here to work with you and your child to help them grow academically, socially, and emotionally.

Frog reading a book