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Position: Special Education - Preschool
Room: 5
Phone: (480) 883-4235
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Hello everyone! I welcome you all with a warm and excited heart. I am looking forward to building positive, strong, and transparent partnerships with each of you. It takes a village and a team to help nurture and promote the growth and development of your child. This year will be quite an adventure and we will ride through it together.

My Education and Professional Background

Arizona State University Graduate. Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education and Special Education. 3 years within Chandler Unified School District. Prior experience working as a Special Education Teacher at Autism Academy.

My Educational Philosophy

Examine each child with the whole child approach? and through a strengths based approach. Each child is born with their own specific gifts and skill set. They also have their own unique way of learning and thinking. It is our job as educators to understand how each child learns most effectively in order to support all aspects of growth.

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