• Pre-Calculus weaves together previous study of algebra, geometry, and mathematical functions into a preparatory course for calculus. The course focuses on mastery of critical skills and exposure to new skills necessary for success in subsequent math courses. Topics include fundamental concepts of Algebra, functions and graphs, polynomials and rational functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, trigonometric functions, analytic trigonometry, topics in trigonometry, systems of equations and inequalities, conic sections, sequences, and series.



    Precalculus Syllabus 21-22


    Supplies:  Notebook or Binder

                   Pencils and erasers

                   Graphing Calculator (TI-84 is recommended)


    Office Hours/Tutoring in room C117: Monday -Thursday 2:20-3:00 or by appointment


    Dual Enrollment:  Course Offerings and Information

                      Registration opens July 26,2021 

                      Deadline to register September 19,2021

                      Must pay or sign up for a payment plan when registering


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