• Week in Preview 4/6 - 4/10

    Posted by Patricia Hester on 4/6/2020 8:00:00 AM

    All content is available on Google Classroom!


    Please feel free to do assignments early. All assignments are available on Monday. Below you will find my recommended daily agenda.


    Monday 4/6

    • Optional assignment: Read two of your classmates' narratives that were posted last week and reply with a Thank You note :D
    • Read "Never Give In" by Winston Churchill and annotate for SOAPSTone
    • Complete the Reading Quiz - DUE TUESDAY @ 11:59 PM


    Tuesday 4/7

    • Afternoon office hours today are changed from 2:00 - 2:30 to 1:00 to 1:30 


    • Complete Discussion Assignment for "Never Give In" 
      • Brainstorm Response
      • Post Your Response to FlipGrid - DUE WEDNESDAY @11:59 PM
      • Respond to two other students' videos - DUE THURSDAY @ 11:59 PM
    • This assignment has the potential to be a time suck - remember, it doesn't have to be perfect. The intent is for this to take about 20 minutes. 


    Wednesday 4/8

    • Complete SOAPSTone for "Never Give In" - DUE THURSDAY @11:59 PM


    Thursday 4/9

    • Complete any work associated with "Never Give In"
      • Reading Quiz 
      • FlipGrid Post
      • FlipGrid Responses 
      • SOAPSTone

    Friday 4/10

    • No school today! 
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  • Week in Preview 3/30 - 4/3

    Posted by Patricia Hester on 3/30/2020 7:30:00 AM

    How does this work, anyway?

    Hello all! For the duration of our school site closure, you will be using Google Classroom to access class material. Here's what to expect. 

    1. Each week, you will be given an assignment on MONDAY that you have until FRIDAY mid-day to complete. Most of these assignments will be accessed and submitted through Google Classroom. They are designed so you can complete them by working on them for 15-20 minutes a day. 

    2. The goal of each assignment is to reinforce and learn skills that will help you next year. You will get feedback on each assignment, and if you earn at least an 80%, you'll get full credit in the grade book. If you earn less than an 80%, I'll return the assignment with feedback, and you can revise and resubmit it.

    3. Each day I will post a fun question to Google Classroom. Sometimes you will navigate to Padlet or FlipGrid to respond by following a link. Sometimes you will respond in Google Classroom. You can also see and respond to others on these platforms. 


    The Week of March 30

    Daily: Go to Google Classroom to respond to the daily question :) 

    Monday: Complete the assignment, Expectations for our Google Classroom. Read the expectations and add a slide to the slideshow. (Directions on Google Classroom)

    Weekly Assignment: Write a 300-500 word narrative on the topic of challenge. Submit to Google Classroom. 

    NOTE: The Google Classroom assignment for your feather circle narrative is formatted like a question with a text entry box; it may not let you upload a document. (I can't see it from your point of view.) If this is the case, simply copy and paste your narrative into the response box. This will allow us to read and comment on each other's stories. Please let me know if you run into issues using this approach; if it doesn't work, we'll submit another way.

    You have been enrolled in a Google Classroom section that corresponds to your class period. Please do not visit this class to see assignments. Continue to use the Classroom we have been using all year. This means that all class periods are combined for discussion-type activities.  

    If you can't access Google Classroom because you forgot your password, email me. I will reset it for you. 

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  • We are up and running!

    Posted by Patricia Hester on 3/29/2020 4:00:00 PM

    Welcome to our online learning experience! 

    A very warm welcome back to all of my students (and their parents/guardians!). I am pleased to be back in contact with you all. I have spent some time exploring the tools available for teaching and communicating online, and I hope that what I have learned helps you continue learning during this crazy time. 

    First, here's some general information for how to get in touch with me. 

    1. Don't hesitate to email me. If you prefer a phone conversation, let me know and I will send you my Google Voice number. I will get back to you within 24 hours, likely sooner. 

    2. For a quick response, contact me during my office hours

    • Email office hours: 9 AM - 9:30 AM


    Next, if you're having trouble signing into Google Classroom because you forgot your password, then please email me. I can reset your password to give you access. 


    Finally, please know that I am here to support you. My goal is to provide opportunities for continued access to learning and community. We are all in this together. 

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  • Upcoming Novel

    Posted by Patricia Hester on 3/6/2020

    Upcoming Novel

    I can't believe there's only one more quarter left! We'll be wrapping up the year with Mark Zusak's The Book Thief. Novels are available from our bookstores, but I know some students like to have a copy of their own to annotate. If you choose to buy the novel, you may purchase any version of the novel. The one I will be using is below: 


    Image result for mark zusak book thief

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  • Week in Preview 3/2 - 3/6

    Posted by Patricia Hester on 3/2/2020

    Monday 3/2

    In Class: 

    • Practice Greek Play


    • Memorize lines, practice part
    • Feather circle narrative - due Block Day

    Tuesday 3/3

    In Class: 

    • Finish Oedipus 
    • Work on Oedipus reading assignments 


    • Feather Circle Narrative

    Wed. 3/4; Thurs. 3/5 

    In Class: 

    • Perform Plays 
    • Feather Circle 


    • Study Oedipus Reading Assignments to prepare for test 

    Friday 3/6

    In Class: 

    • Oedipus Part 1 & 2 Test
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  • Week in Preview 2/24 - 2/28

    Posted by Patricia Hester on 2/23/2020

    Monday 2/24

    In Class: 

    • Introduce Greek Theater Play Assignment 
    • Group organization
    • Background reading 
    • Feather Circle Prompt: Blindness and Sight -- Write a 200 - 300 word narrative about a time you either saw something that wasn’t there or missed something you should have seen. 


    • Finish background reading and questions - due Tuesday 
    • Feather Circle Narrative - due next block day (3/4; 3/5)

    Tuesday 2/25

    In Class: 

    • Background for Oedipus the King 
    • Begin Reading - Through line 244
    • Watch Clip of Greek Theater
    • Work on play assignment 

    Homework: Work on play assignment 

    Wed. 2/26; Thurs. 2/27

    In Class: 

    • Read & take notes on Oedipus the King - Finish Part 1
    • Work on play assignment - finish 

    Homework: Finish Part 1 of Oedipus the King

    Friday 2/28

    In Class: 

    • Compare and discuss notes from Part 1
    • Begin reading Oedipus the King Part 2

    Homework: Read Oedipus the King Part 2 up to line 318

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  • Week in Preview 2/17 - 2/20

    Posted by Patricia Hester on 2/17/2020

    Monday 2/17- No School 

    Tuesday 2/18, Wed. 2/19; Thurs. 2/20, Friday 2/21 

    In Class: Essay Work Time 


    The Othello essay is due on Monday, 2/24 in class and on turnitin.com 

    -Hardcopy MUST be submitted in class on Monday 

    -Softcopy MUST be submitted to turnitin.com by end of school day Monday


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  • Week in Preview 2/10 - 2/14

    Posted by Patricia Hester on 2/10/2020

    Monday 2/10

    In Class: 

    • Sophomore ECAP


    • Study for Othello test


    Tuesday 2/11

    In Class: 

    • Discuss Iago's portrayal in RSC's Othello
    • Study for Othello test


    • Study for Othello test


    Wed. 2/12; Thurs. 2/13

    In Class: 

    • Othello Test 
    • Introduce Essay 


    • Work on Othello Essay - due Friday 2/21 IN CLASS

    Friday 2/14

    In Class: 

    • Essay work day 


    • BLACKOUT WEEKEND - Take a break! 
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  • Week in Preview 2/3 - 2/7

    Posted by Patricia Hester on 2/3/2020

    Monday 2/3

    In Class: 

    • Read Act 5, scene 2 
    • Discuss Othello's fatal flaw 


    • Summary and line analysis for Act 5 - due block day
    • Self-portrait - due block day

    Tuesday 2/4

    In Class: 

    • View Othello by the Royal Shakespeare company 
    • Character analysis - take notes in portrayal of Iago


    • Summary and line analysis for Act 5 - due block day
    • Self-portrait - due block day

    Wed. 2/5; Thurs. 2/6 

    In Class: 

    • View Othello by the Royal Shakespeare company 
    • Character analysis - take notes in portrayal of Iago

    Friday 2/7

    In Class: 

    • Finish Othello
    • Class discussion & individual response 
      • Evaluate the efficacy of the director's choices 
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  • Week in Preview 1/27 - 1/31

    Posted by Patricia Hester on 1/26/2020

    Monday 1/27

    In Class: 

    • Read Othello Act 4, scene 1 
    • Discuss


    • Act 4, Scene 1 Summary and Line Analysis 

    Tuesday 1/28

    In Class: 

    • Read Othello Act 4, scenes 2 & 3 
    • Discuss


    • Act 4, scenes 2 & 3 Summary and Line Analysis 
    • Act 4 due Friday

    Wed. 1/29; Thurs. 1/30

    In Class: 

    • Quiz on Act 2 & 3 
    • Self portrait - appearance vs. reality 


    • Act 4 summary and line analysis due Friday
    • Finish self portrait - due BLOCK day 

    Friday 1/31

    In Class: 

    • Read Act 5, scene 1 
    • Discuss 


    • Self portrait due Block Day 
    • Summary and Line analysis for Act 5, scene 1 (Act 5 due block day) 
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