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How to Reset Your Password from Any Device

  • To reset your password at the beginning of the school year:

    1.) From any device go to:

    2.) If using mobile device, click "Change Password." If using desktop site, skip to next step. 

    3.) Sign in with your student ID# (s123456) and the generic password (s123456!)

    4.) You will be promted to change your password (see below for password requirements)

    5.) Click the Enrollment Tab & register your security questions & answers (hint: your favorite color changes often, choose a different question)  


    To reset your FORGOTTEN PASSWORD throughout the school year:

    1.) From any device go to:

    2.) Leave the username & password fields blank

    3.) Click on Reset Password (under the sign-in box)

    4.) Enter your username (s+ID, for example: s123456) & click continue

    5.) Answer the security questions & choose your new password (see below for password requirements)


    Password Requirements:

    Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters and contain 3 of the following:

    • Uppercase letters
    • Lowercase letters
    • Numbers
    • Symbols (such as: !@#$%&)

    Passwords cannot include any part of your first name, last name, or your student ID number