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    Quarter 3


    3/(4-5) - Test Review and 3rd quarter "midterm" quiz

    3/3 - Stoichiometry Presentations

    3/2 - Students received an old Stoich test to use for review for their quiz.

    2/28 - Students worked on real world stoich problems. They are due on Monday

    2/(26-27) - Students completed the MgO lab. It will be due on Friday

    2/25 - 

    2/24 - Students created a Stoich flow chart and worked on gram to gram stoich with practice #2 . DUE IN HOW Packet.

    2/21 - Students took notes on Stoich and started Stoich #1 DUE IN HW Packet


    MOLES!!/ Gas Laws

    2/(19-20) - GAS LAW TEST - The stoich project was introduced after.

    2/18 - Students recieved the homework packet slip and we reviewed the study guide. 

    2/14 - Students worked on a Test review for the test next week. 

    2/(12/13) - Students took notes on the ideal gas law and worked on the ideal gas law practice. We also did demo and they had to calculate the % of water in popcorn.

    2/11 - Students did practice review problems in class. They will need to turn them in the homework packet. 

    2/10 - We did demonstrations with a bell jar and corrected combinded gas law #2.

    2/(5-6) - Students read and then analized a Chemmatter article on the chemicals in vaping. They had questions to work on with it and they will be due on Friday. After completing that they did some additional practice with Combined Gas Laws. Combinded Gas Laws #2 will be due in the HW Packet.

    2/4 - Students went over the first combinded gas  worksheet and we did a variety of demonstration. It was a Half Day.

    2/3 - Students had today to prepare for the homework packet that is due tomorrow, and complete the balloon lab that is also due tomorrow. Students received combined gas law practice wkst. It will be due in the HW Packet

    1/31 - Today students took notes on Combined Gas Laws.

    1/(29/30) - Launch Day for the Balloons and then working on the write up. 

    1/28 - Balloon Work Day

    1/27 -  Balloon Work Day

    1/24 - Balloon Work Day

    1/22 - The Class did an additional E. Formula practice and then was introduced to the Balloon Project

    1/21 - Students worked on the CSI Empirical Formula wkst. DUE IN THE HW Packet

    1/17 - Students took a mole Quiz

    1/(15/16) - Students spent the first half of the class working on a mole review. We then corrected it and then worked on the Empirical Formula part of the wkst for the second half of class. DUE IN HW Packet.

    1/14 -

    1/13 - Student asked questions about the lab and then they worked on the mole conversion cut out activity. DUE ON BLOCK DAY. 

    1/10 - Students completed the Weighing as a means of Counting lab. Due on Tuesday.

    1/(8/9) - Students worked on the pogil for 20 minutes, received the mole notes and then practiced with molar mass/mole conversion #2 (DUE IN HW PACKET)

    1/7 - Students were introduced to moles and started on a Pogil Activity (DUE ON FRIDAY)

    Quarter 2

    Final Exams

    12/(18-19) - Final Exams

    12/(16-17)- Final Exam Review  Final Exam Review Guide  Review Key

    Lewis Structure, IMF, Reactions

    12/13 - Lewis Structure, IMF Test

    12/(11-12)- Test Review

    12/10 - Student completed the bead activity Due Wed/Thur.

    12/9 -Students practice writing Lewis Structures and then balancing equations. They were given Balancing #2 to practice. DUE IN HW Packet

    12/6 - Students took notes on Chemical Reaction and then we did a variety of demonstrations.

    12/(4/5) - Students finished learning about IMF forces and then worked on balancing equations. They received Chemical Reaction Practice Problems. DUE IN HW Packet

    12/3 - Students practiced drawing structure and then naming their shapes. Lewis Practice #1 and #2 DUE IN HW Packet

    /2 - Student learned how to find the shapes of the lewis structures using the table provided.

    11/25/26 - Students were introduced to drawing Lewis structures



    11/22 - Students Turned in both the mixed wkst #1,2 today and took the naming quiz.

    11/(20/21)- Student Corrected yesterdays homework. They we did some class made review problems and then played in the "race" naming activity. It was due today. 

    11/19- After correcting the homework students did some more practice with Mixed Worksheet #2

    11/18 - Students took notes on how to name ionic vs covalent compounds. They were to finish the non bolded problems from the mixed worksheet. 

    11/(14-15) - Student had to create a PSA poster on how to find the charge of transition metals. This will count as a project grade. Students then did the dice/naming activity. They are both Due on Monday.

    11/13 - Students  were randomly called up to answer questions on the previous nights homework. They then took Polyatomic Quiz #1

    11/12 - The students practiced with the mixed wkst. They are supposed to complete the BOLD problems on the front and back.

    11/8 - Students completed and turned in their cut/paste activity. Students white boarded and practiced writing names and formulas of ionic compounds. They recieved a list of polyatomic ions that they will have to learn. The quiz on this will be next Wed. 

    11/(6/7) - Students took notes on Ionic Compounds. After this they worked on the ionic compound cut and paste activity. They needed to create at least 12 DIFFERENT compounds name them and write their formulas. This will be a lab grade and due on Friday

    11/5 - Students were introduced to naming compounds through a group activity. 

    11/4 - Students took the Periodic Test


    Electrons and Periodic Table

    11/4 - Periodic Test Test Review

    11/1 - Periodic Table Test Review

    10/(30-31)- Students worked on the alien periodic table and received their test review.

    10/29 - Students presented their information to their groups and practiced with "What do atoms look like?"

    10/28 - Students broke into groups to research periodic trends. They each were assigned one of the trend to research

    10/25 - Students reviewed and then took a quiz on e. configuration.

    10/(23/24) - Students completed a warm up review. The completed e. configuration #1 DUE IN HW PACKET and then we played e. configuration battleship DUE IN HW PACKET

    10/22 - Student went outside and then we did a e configuration activity. Students had to choose 3 atoms total from the S,D,P orbits. They had to write the orbital diagram as well as the long and short hand electron configuration. DUE IN HW PACKET

    10/21- Students took notes on Electron Configurations

    10/18- Students worked on test corrections and worked on the e. configuration pogil

    10/17 - Students learned about frequency and then were assigned the e. configuration pogil due on MONDAY

    10/16 - Students took notes on the basic structure of the periodic table. 


    Quarter 1


    9/27 - Atom/Nuclear Test

    9/26 - Student presented their projects and then went over the study guide.

    9/24 - Students took the final element quiz and then worked on the test study guide.

    9/23 - Today was completely a work for the projects

    9/20 - Students did a warm up and then took notes on Fission/Fussion

    9/(18-19) - Students worked on a warm up and then we introduced the Nuclear Energy Project. It will be due on Wed/Thurs. of next week depending on your block day. We will have all day Monday in class to work on it. 

    9/17 - Students took the element quiz #2 finished notes on Radioactive Decay and Half live. They then worked on a half life/ nuclear equation practice. DUE IN HW Packet

    9/16 -Students did a warm up on average atomic mass and atomic structure. Then they took notes on Radioactive decay.

    9/13 - Students took Element Quiz #1 and then did worked on average atomic mass and structure practice. DUE IN HW Packet

    9/(11/12) - Students took notes on how to calculate Average atomic mass. They did a lab activity that is due on Monday. They did the first three question on the average atomic mass wkst. DUE IN HW Packet

    9/10 - Students received their test from last week back. They will have one week to retake it if they do corrections. Then we corrected the Pogil assignment and took notes on the structure of atoms. They did element #1 practice DUE IN HW Packet

    9/9 - Students were introduced to atomic Structure through doing a pogil activity. DUE IN HW Packet  



    9/3 - Students were able to ask questions about the Lab and then we worked on q=-q equations. DUE IN HW Packet.

    8/30 - Students completed the Heat Curve of water Lab together and spoke on how to make electronic graphs. Lab will be due on Wed/Thurs depending on block.

    8/(28/29) - Student color coded "Calculations involving  Specific Heat", Watched a part of Absolute Zero Video and then introduced the energy and change concepts. All Three Due in HW Packet

    8/27 -Students corrected the homework, reviewed, and then took Small Quiz #2

    8/26 - Students practiced doing more mcat problems on q=mcΔT practice #2 DUE IN HW Packet

    8/23 - After going over the lab students completed q=mcΔT practice #1. DUE IN HW Packet

    8/(21-22) - Students worked on the Food Calorie Lab. It will be due on Friday.

    8/20 - Students had a half day. They took notes on using the q=mcΔT equation.

    8/19 - Student were given back their test and had the opportunity to begin test corrections. They are due by Friday. If you are planning on retaking the test you have to set up a time with me by Friday. Students also worked on their sand lab. Due Tomorrow


    8/16 - Test One on Measurement and Matter

    8/(14/15) - Students will complete the sand separation lab and go over the test review.(DUE IN HW Packet)

    8/13 - Students finished notes on Chemical and Physical Change/Properties. They did Matter Practice Problems Homework.(DUE IN HW Packet)

    8/12 - Students reviewed how to apply sig figs in multiply and addition problems. They began the notes on Characteristics of Matter.

    8/9 - Students turned in the papers from the day before. We worked on the Kessel Run DA problem (DUE IN HW Packet), and then watched the following video.

    8/(7/8) - Student completed the Pogil Activity and then completed the unknown metal density activity.

    8/6 - Students reviewed and then took small quiz one.

    8/5 - Students completed the Dimensional Analysis cut out activity. It is due tomorrow.

    8/2 - Students completed a warm up and then finished and turned in the tortoise island activity

    8/1 - Students started the Tortoise island activity

    7/31 - Students did a warm up and then did the the Hot Dog D. Analysis practice. (DUE IN HW Packet)

    7/30 - Students corrected Metric and Sig Fig Wkst  and took notes on Dimensional Analysis. Student had to create their own problem and share with others.(DUE IN HW Packet)

    7/29- Students took notes on Sig Figs and Scientific Notation. They were supposed to find the sig figs on Metric and Sig Fig Wkst.

    7/26 - Students worked on the measurement activity. This had practice using rulers and finding ratios. It will be due on Tuesday. Click here for the measurement activity.

    7/25 - Students were introduced/reviewed Metric Prefixes

    7/24 - Students went over and presented the lab safety rules. Signature Due on Friday

    7/23 - Welcome to class. Go over expectations and syllabus. HW-Online syllabus signature for Student and parent is Due by Friday. Click Here for Syllabus   Please Click here to sign the online signature for the syllabus