• STEM Assignments and Due Dates

    Second Quarter

    M, 10/21   Memorandum to Teacher

    Block 10/23-24  Reading check of Henrietta Lacks

    M, 12/9   Team Collaborative Project

    M, 12/2   Individual Narrative to Tech Document


    First Quarter

    F, 7/26   Summer Read Check

    F, 7/26   Academic Reading Journals (composition book) due

    M, 7/29  Syllabus Signatures Sheets due

    M, 7/29  Markel Ch 1 pages 14-15

    T, 7/30   Collier Chapter 1 (read/annotate -- on my web site)

    F, 8/2     Title of Sci Fi novel choice due

    T, 8/6     ARJ of Asimov short story

    W/Th, 8/7-8   Inclass rhetorical analysis of Sugar Love

    F, 8/9   Markel Ch 2 ARJ

    M, 8/12    Team Ethics (assigned on 8/9)

    F, 8/16   Exercise #3 p. 420 Markel

    T, 8/20   Markel Ch 21 ARJ

    W/Th, 8/21-22   Draft of Science Fiction LA for Peer Review

    Sat, 8/24  Tii of Sci Fi LA

    M, 8/26   Science Fiction Literary Analysis

    T, 8/27    Science Fiction Author Profile Presentations begin

    F, 9/6    Greek/Latin quiz, worksheets due

    Sun, 9/8   Tii of Employment Package

    M, 9/9     Employment Package Project due

    M, 9/9     Presentation of STEM individual begins

    W/Th, 9/25-26  Dream Job Package due