• English 12 Assignments and Due Dates


    July 25 in-class Writing Diagnostic must be arranged with me to make up

    F, 7/26   Policy Hunt due

    M, 7/29  Composition book due

    M, 7/29   Syllabus Signature Sheet due

    W/Th, 8/7-8   Draft of Remembered Event Narrative for peer review

    Sat, 8/10   Tii deadline for Remembered Event Narrative

    M, 8/12   Remembered Event Narrative due

    F, 8/16   Personal boasting speech based on Beowulf Boast

    Th, 8/22   Tii deadline for Application Essay

    F, 8/23  Application Essay due

    M, 8/26   College/Major Research Chart

    W/Th, 8/28-29  Bring draft of Resume to workshop

    F, 8/30   Resume due

    T, 9/24  Rhetorical Analysis essay due