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    What Is Smartmusic?


    Due to the unprecedented number of schools moving to online learning, Smart Music has temporarily given free access to all music on student accounts.  This means that you can access any piece of music in their catalog for free.  If you haven't logged in to Smart Music in a while, you may want to try exploring some of the content and using this as a tool for practicing.  At this point, I am NOT requiring students to use Smart Music, however for those students looking for something to do, this may be a good thing to explore.  If you need assistance with using Smart Music, please e-mail me and I will do what I can to help you.  Mr. Abrahamson

    Smartmusic is a web based app that allows students to practice their band music using technology to support their learning.  We will be using Smartmusic as a tool for improving the effectiveness of home practice, as well as method of assessing student progress.  In order to use Smartmusic in our band class this year, you will need access to the following:

    • A laptop, or desktop computer with a microphone.  (most new computers have internal microphones that will be sufficient.  Older computers may require an external microphone)
    • Chrome internet browser.  Smartmusic will not work with other browsers.
    • Optionally, you can also use the Smartmusic app for Ipad. 
    • A parent or guarian's email address.
    • The correct class code (listed below.


    Before setting up your Smartmusic account and getting started, please be aware that all students must have parental permission to use Smartmusic and a parent must assist in the creation of the account.  Any email registered with Smartmusic must be that of a parent or legal guardian.


    Course Codes

    CTA Humphrey Beginning Band:  LD4PW-RWXF7

    CTA Humphrey Advanced Band:  JNERT-KDYUR

    Haley Elementary 5th Grade Band:  WK2AK-2R4YP

    Haley Elementary 6th Grade Band:  24W4V-TTMUY

    Patterson Elementary 5th Grade Band: 4NWN7-LR6NU

    Patterson Elementary 6th Grade Band:  G64MM-4EJFL

    Carlson Elementary 5th Grade Band:  KTV23-FGUUN

    Carlson Elementary 6th Grade Band:  HVCE6-ZXGFE

    Setting Up Your Student's Smartmusic Account 

    Please watch the videos below for instructions on how to set up your child's Smartmusic account.  Additional videos will show you how to use Smartmusic.  If you have questions about using Smartmusic, please contact me and I will do my best to guide you along.


    Setting Up A Smart Music Account

    Setting Up A Smart Music Account  


    An Overview of the Smart Music Main Dashboard

    An Overview of the Smart Music Dashboard


    Weekly Assignments: Part 1 - Practicing

    Weekly Assignments: Part 1 - Practicing



    Weekly Assignments: Part 2 - Recording and Submitting the Assignment

    Weekly Assignment:  Part 2 - Recording and Uploading an Assignment