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    All missing work for 2nd quarter is due by 3:00pm on December 6th. There will be no exceptions. Work will not be accepted after December 6th. 


    2nd Quarter, 2019

    Week 8 - December 2-December 6, 2019

    Monday, December 2 - Participle review. Check study guide questions for Night, chapters 6-9. Prep for Socratic Seminar on Night.   

    Tuesday, December 3 - Participle review. Begin Socratic Discussion.

    Block Days, December 4/5 - Quote integration practice. Finish socratic discussion. Begin working on semester writing final. 

    Friday, December 6 - Work on semester writing final. 

    Week 7 - November 25- November 26, 2019

    Monday & Tuesday , November 25/26: Finish the memoir Night and finsih all the study guide questions. 

    Wednesday, November 27 - Friday, November 29: No School. Happy Thanksgiving. 

    Week 6 - November 18- November 22, 2019

    Weekly Warm Up PPT

    Monday, November 18 - Warm-Up. Read Night, Chapter 5 pgs 66-84 and complete study guide questions.  

    Tuesday, November 19 - Warm-Up. Reading check on end of Chapter 5. Homework - Night Vocabulary Activities.  for chapter 5. 

    Block, Wednesday/Thursday, November 20-21 - Warm-Up - quote analysis. Argument reviewHeinz's Dilemma - read and discuss. Homework: Vocabulary and Study guide for chapter 5; extra credit - Get calendar signed. 

    Friday, November 22 - Warm-Up. Due: Study Guide and Vocabulary for Night Chapter 5. Quiz, Night, Chapter 5. 


    Week 5 - November 11 - November 15, 2019

    Weekly Warm Up PPT

    Monday, November 11 - No School. Veteran's Day. 

    Tuesday, November 12 - Warm-Up. Examin aspects of life in the concentration camps - The Role of the Kapo & Varieties of Resistance. Annotate and create discussion questions. Homework: create 3 questions over reading and complete study guide questions for chapter 4. 

    Block, Wednesday/Thursday, November 13/14 - Warm-Up - quote analysis. Discussion questions on Kapo/Resistance. Synthesize Discussion.  Homework - review Chapter 4. Study guide questions & vocabulary due Friday. Quiz Friday. 

    Friday, November 15 - Warm-Up. Due: Study Guide and Vocabulary for Night Chapter 4. Quiz, Night, Chapter 4. 



    Week 4 - November 4 - November 8, 2019

    Weekly Warm Up PPT

    Monday, November 4 - Warm-Up (M.U.G.). Finish Chapters 2-3 of Night. Complete Study Guide and Vocab. Due tomorrow.   

    Tuesday, November 5 - Warm-Up (sentence combining). Check study guide and vocab for 2-3. Quiz on Night Chapters 2-3. 

    Block, Wednesday/Thursday, November 6/7 - Warm-Up (Quote analysis). Video Interview - Watch all 5 parts (5 parts) - Oprah Winfrey and Elie Wisel at Auschwitz. Complete Viewing Guide. 

    Friday, November 8 - Warm-Up. Root Word (prater). Argument Writing - Heinz's Dilemma. 


    Week 3 - October 28 - November 1, 2019

    Weekly Warm-Up PPT

    Monday, October 28 - Warm-Up (M.U.G.) Argument review from last week. Quiz on Chapter 1 for NightHomework: None.  

    Tuesday, October 29 - Warm-Up (sentence combining). Review Chapter 1. Vocabulary for Chapter 2-3 for Night (handout)

    Block, Wednesday/Thursday, October 30/31 - Warm-Up (Quote analysis) & Root word of the week. Argument writing practice. Notes.  Data Sheet. Paragraph frame. Assignment: Write the paragraph. 

    Friday, November 1 - Warm-Up. Read Chapters 2-3 Night. Work on study guide questions. 




    Week 2 - October 21- 25, 2019

    Weekly Warm-Up PPT

    Monday, October 21 - Warm-Up (review last week). DUE - Holocaust research. Discuss. Set up Night study guide packets. 

    Tuesday, October 22 - Warm-Up. Check out books. Reading schedule review. Homework - read pages 2-22. 

    Block, Wednesday/Thursday, October 23/24 - Warm-Up. Read. Begin argument notes. Apple Vs. Spotify. Evidence Planning Organizer

    Friday, October 25 - Warm-Up. Quiz on pgs. 3-22. Root word of the week. Homework - Read pages 23-46. 

    Week 1 - October 15-18, 2019

    Tuesday, October 15: Weekly Warm-UpsWarm Up review and MUG Shot, Notes about Identity; Homework Due Wednesday 10/16 - Identity Chart and Paragraph. Chart DirectionsGrading Rubric

    Wednesday, October 16: Due: Identity Chart and Paragraph. Warm-Up: Sentence Combining. In class: Notes, Night Day 2,  Witness

    Thursday, Octboer 17: Warm up: Quote analysis, Night pre-reading research, due Monday 10/21

    Friday. October 18: Warm-Up: Basha Gives Back. (Watch the video and write a summary for your warm-up). In class - National Day on Writing options. Homework: Night Pre-reading research questions due on Monday. Be sure to 

                                     bring student IDs on Monday. 










    SEPTEMBER 23-27, 2019

    September 23 - Due: Questions on "The Seventh Man." Review. Quiz on "The Seventh Man. Begin reviewing for short story final. 

    September 24 - In class writing response/assessment. Continue working on short story review. 

    September 25/26 - In class short story final. 

    September 27 - Final mechanics, usage, grammar assessment. Quarter reflection. 



    SEPTEMBER 16-20, 2019

    September 16 - Due: "To Build a Fire Questions". Review 1st Quarter Root Words (Test on Friday). Review "TO Build a Fire." Quiz on "To Build a Fire." Homework: None. 

    September 17 - Review Roots. Notes on Theme.

    September 18/19 - Read "The Seventh Man" (text posted in Google Classroom."Review Quizlet.  Homework: Comprehension questions. Discuss "The Seventh Man". Theme chart. 

    September 20 - Roots Quiz. Quiz on "The Seventh Man." 



    *The last day to turn in late work for the quarter is on Friday, September 13th. Late work will not be accepted for the rest of the quarter after the 13th unless a student is absent the day something is due. The assignment will then be due the day they return. 

    September 9 - Warm-up. AZCIS computer log in information. Short discussion on "To Build a Fire" 

    September 10 - Warm-Up. Collaborative work on "To Build a Fire" Questions. Due Friday. 

    September 11/12 - Counseling Units. For make-ups, you need to see your counselor. 

    September 13 - HOMECOMING! "TO Build a Fire" questions due. Library. 

    September 3-6, 2019

     September 3 - Warm up (root word "mal" generate list). Notes on Point of View and "To Build a Fire" Homework: Word Splash Paragraph. Due Block Day. 

    September 4-5 - Warm-Up: Write about a time you were cold. Due: Station Rotation on various topics inspired from "There will Come Soft Rains". Video "To Build a Fire". 

    September 6 - HOMEWORK - Read &  annotate "To Build a Fire". Due Monday, 9/9


    August 26-August 30, 2019

    August 26 - Warm up. Personification practice. Read "There Will Come Soft Rains" and complete questions 1-4, pg

                        729 and 1-3 on page 731. 

    August 27 - Warm up. Discuss "THere Will Come Soft Rains" 

    August 28-29 - Station Rotation on various topics inspired from "There will Come Soft Rains" Review for Quiz. 

    August 30 - Warm up - Quiz on "There Will Come Soft Rains" 



    Week 3. August 5-9, 2019

    8/5 - Due - "My Intent."


                                  NOTES      STUDENT HANDBOOK

            4TH HOUR - REview beginning of the year test. 

    8/6 - Warm-up sentence combining. Notes on literary elements: plot, conflict, setting, foreshadowing. 

    8/7-8/8 - Root Word practice (com/con). Begin reading "The Most Dangerous Game

     8/9 - Finish 'The Most Dangerous Game". Homework - PLOT MAP. Due Monday!

    Week 2 - July 29-August 2nd, 2019

    7/29 - Begin class warm-ups. Online set-up (google, turnitin.com, remind. Begin "My Intent" Project - due Friday 8/2. 

    7/30 - Warm-up. Work on "My Intent" project

    7/31 - Library orientation. 

    8/1 - Warm-up. Practice annotations. Work on "My Intent"  

    8/2 - Warm-up - Introduction to Diction. Work on "My Intent" Homework - My Intent poster AND paragraph reflection. Success Criteria (checklist) for project 


    Week 1, July 23-26, 2019

    7/23 - Get to Know Me you in-class activity

    7/24 - Class expectations. Syllabus & National Board release info. Paperwork signed by 7/29 

    7/25 - Writing diagnostic (in-class)

    7/26 - Beginning of the Year Assessment (in-class)