• Grade-level Newsletters (links will only be activated after each publication)











    • Please email me with any questions or concerns! I return emails within24 hours, during the school week.

    • Students will be asked to have a parent/guardian review and sign their planner/agenda daily Monday-Thursday. Note: I will check these daily confirmed typically with a rubber stamp or my initials.

    • Grade-level newsletters will be sent bi-monthly at minimum via email (see above).


    Class Rules/Expectations

    1. Listen to the speaker and follow directions (verbal and written)

    2. Gain permission to leave seat/room or speak during learning

    3. Respect everyone, including yourself, and everything (personal, school and public property)

    4. Learn and grow from mistakes and hard times!




    • Reminders to make better/different choices
    • Restorative and natural/logical whenever possible
    • Mistakes are expected, corrected and respected
    • Parent contact will be made regarding patterns/repeated occurence or severe offense (profanity, physical harm, dangerous activity etc.) via email and/or phone



    Please contact me prior to plan a day (we might haave more than one birthday or a change form our normal schedule), discuss allergies and number of students.  Providing napkins is appreciated! You may either send the treats in the morning with your child or drop off with the front office by 10am. I will serve the treats at the beginning of our 10:20am recess.

    NOTE: These must be pre-packaged/store-bought treats.  We cannot serve any homemade treats.

    Inexpensive and easy serve ideas: donuts, cookies, pre-packaged Rice Crispy Treats, Little Debbie snacks, or Hostess snacks!


    Parent Presentation

    Watch the presentation for a virtual tour of both the Virtual Google Classroom AND the physical classroom! Learn about Mrs. Chombah, our schedule and more.