• Remind is an app that is another way for students or parents to reach me if they have questions or concerns.  One simply needs to sign up with a smart phone.  

    I will share the classroom codes here, as well as in class this upcoming week (Aug 5-9 2019), as each class period has a separate code.  Student simply texts the number given, types their class code, and signs in.  This gives them the ability to text me if they have questions, as well as allowing me to send messages to the class in case of schedule/homework change, student absences etc.

    The number to send the text to is 81010

    The classroom codes are as follows:

    0 Hour       @0hourspani

    1 Hour       @baakhc

    2 Hour       @4h9c7f6

    3 Hour       @a887dc

    4 Hour       @49echh

    6 Hour       @c97a88


    Please use full name and encourage students to do same, as I will delete anyone whose name I do not recognize within each class, so no nicknames please.


    Colleen Mendoza