• Attached are the warm-ups for first quarter please check this page weekly as I update which slides we will cover on which day of the week.    Students that are absent or needed more time on a particular warm-up will find this page helpful



     grammar warm ups 2019-2020

    this week's warm-up page   the warm up paged used Monday  through Friday each week


    August 5-8th  Friday is the 7th grade pool party   lessons 1,2,3,4

    August 12-16  Lessons 5,6,7,8,9

     August 18-22 Lessons 16,17,18,19  no warmup on Tuesday

    August  26-August 30  lessons 20, 21,22, 23,24

    September 2,3,4,5,6  No warm ups AIR reading at Warm-up time

     September 9-13   Warm ups 26-30