Syllabus / Online Expectations


    Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,


    Welcome to a new and exciting school year at Santan Junior High School! My name is Mrs. Meador, and I will be your son/daughter’s READ180 teacher for the upcoming school year. I have been teaching for going on 22 years, with this being seventeenth year at SJHS.  

    Reading is an extremely important subject, and my hope is that by the end of the year, your child will have a greater love of reading, feel good about themselves as a reader, feel confident in reading aloud, and take risks in the area of reading.

    To help ensure that your child has a successful year, there are a few items that they will need EVERY DAY in class:

    • Spiral notebook (will stay in the classroom)
    • Pocket folder (must be able to store papers)
    • Pencils and pencil sharpener
    • Sticky notes

    Rules and Guidelines

    1. Listen carefully.
    2. Have a positive attitude even when things get difficult.
    3. Stay on task and be respectful to classroom property (ie: books, computers, headsets, folders) 
    4. Treat others with respect at all times.


    • Computer work (Reading, Spelling, & Word Zone, Reading Counts Quizzes) 
    • Independent Reading Logs
    • Small group/Whole group activities

     Work Expectations:

              To get the most out of the READ180 instruction, students will need to:

    • Come to class prepared to read and work hard every day!
    • Ask questions when they are not sure!
    • Participate in all three READ180 components daily!
    • Read, read, read and read MORE outside of school!

    ONLINE EXPECTATIONS:  Students will be able to utilize the READ 180 software from home if that is the direction we go in a few weeks.  For the first few weeks, I will be guiding more of the instruction.    As we progress further into the program, please be advised that students will be doing more computer based work that meets them at their level.  I have to wait for the district approval for student logins at this time. 

    Once we arrive on campus, each student will take a Read 180 generated test at the beginning and end of each quarter to measure their LEXILE and growth (a number generated to correlate with a grade level).  

    Instructional Level Grade Equivalent Lexile

    Level 1 1.5-2.5 0-450

    Level 2 2.5-4.0 400-700

    Level 3 4.0-6.0 600-900

    Level 4 6.0-8.0 800-1100


    The closer the student tests to grade level the lower their growth numbers are typically. *(Think of a world-class athlete who already runs a sprint with a fast time, when they make gains the gains are smaller than someone who has just started training).

    Students entering GRADE 7 should be between a 950L-1120L in order to think about being exited from the program. Exiting of the program can happen at the end of a quarter or semester but careful consideration is made in regard to effort, progress, grades and teacher consideration in my class and in their CORE classes.


    Please contact me if you have any questions! Thanks so much for your support and cooperation! I am looking forward to working with you and your student this year!



    Mrs. Meador