• Fifth & Sixth Grade Curriculum

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    Here is an overview of the key musical skills and concepts we will focus on this year. This is not an exhaustive list, but rather a curriculum outline for the year.


    After each concept is a letter in parentheses: 
    (I) indicates that this concept is being introduced for the first time this year; 
    (X) indicates that a concept, which has been introduced previously, is being further explored this year; 
    (M) indicates that this concept will be mastered this year. After a concept is mastered, it will be reviewed and used to introduce other, more challenging concepts.


    BEAT Students will:

    • demonstrate multiple beats simultaneously (M) 


    RHYTHM play, read and compose rhythmic patterns using:

    5th grade rhythms


    METER Students will:

    • demonstrate an understanding of changing phrase lengths. (M) 
    • sing, move, and play pitched and unpitched percussion instruments in 2/4, 4/4, 6/8 and 3/4 time. (M) 
    • sing move and play music in changing meters: 2/4, 4/4, 6/8, 3/4, 3/8, 5/8, 7/8, 9/8 (I)  


    FORM Students will:

    • sing and play two-part canons (M) 
    • create pieces with a form of their own design (I) 


    MELODY  Students will:

    • identify notes on the treble clef staff. (M) 
    • sight-sing simple melodies using the solfege syllables "low so", "low la", "do", "re", "mi", "so", "la" and "high do". (M) 
    • use Curwen-Glover hand signs for "do" (high and low), "re", "mi", "so" (high and low), and "la"(high and low). (M) 
    • experience “fa” and “ti” solfege syllables and Curwen-Glover hand signs. (I) 
    • improvise and compose melodies on recorder. (M) 


    HARMONY Students will:

    • sing two-part canons. (M) 
    • sing one melodic line while playing complex ostinati on pitched percussion instruments. (M) 


    EXPRESSION Students will demonstrate changing dynamic levels (p, mp, mf, f ) within a piece of music. (M) 


    TIMBRE Students will demonstrate correct technique on recorder (M)


    STYLE Students will perform and move to cultivated and vernacular music from various historic periods and world cultures. (X)