• Recorder Information Page

         4th graders will play recorders from January to the end of the school year. 5th and 6th graders will begin in October.

         Classroom recorders will be available for each student. Students will be assigned an instrument for the year and this instrument will not be played by anyone else. These recorders may not go home.


    If you would like to purchase a recorder for at-home practice and/or to bring to music class, there are a few things to watch for:

    • The instrument must be a soprano recorder with English, Baroque, or English/Baroque fingering (three different ways to say the same thing!). If the recorder does not state the fingering, it likely is one of the above.
    • Please avoid dollar store instruments. They sound terrible, are hard to play and will break in a week or two.
    • Wood recorders have a nice sound, but are very difficult to care for due to the mix of wet air we blow into them and the dry desert air they are exposed to.

    My favorite reasonably priced recorder is the Yamaha YRS-20 3 Piece recorder. It is easy to play, sounds good and comes in three groovy translucent colors. Here is a link to the green one (blue and pink are $4 more as of August 2019, but these things change all the time):