• Weekly Homework:

    Each week your child will have an online assignment to do at home on Kahn Academy. The assignment will become available on Friday and go until the following Friday. By adding these assignments, your child will be reinforcing what is learned in the classroom. 

    If your child does not have access to a computer, let me know so that I can make arrangements.

    Kahn Academy homework link:

    Kahn Academy


    Week one - Welcome to Grammar - Due 10/25

    Week two - Intro to Verbs - Due 11/1

    Week three - Identifying Verbs and Nouns - Due 11/8

    Week four - Verb Tenses - Due 11/15

    Week five - Verb Tenses - Due 11/22

    Week six – Verb Aspect – Due 12/6


    Week one - Equivalent Ratios - Due 10/30

    Week two - Ratio / Rates - Due 11/8

    Week three - Converting Fraction, Decimal, and Percents - Due 11/15

    Week four -  More Converting FDP - Due 11/22