•      Today you will focus on the Pros AND Cons of your assigned topic. Using the pro/con worksheet provided (use additional notebook paper as needed) find as many pros and cons about your topic as possible. Remember, you won’t know until Friday what side you are debating. The more you can find for each side, the better as you also want info on the opposition for your counterargument/counterclaim.

         There is no limit to how many you need to find, but you definitely need to spend the ENTIRE period finding pros and cons.

         Click on the link to go to your topic page. Once you are there, you can read the already given pros and cons. There are numbers in the paragraphs that will lead you to footnotes (click on the number to access the footnotes). You can copy and paste the footnote (which is also your citation for that article should you use it) into Google and read the articles to gather more information. Again, the more you read and find, the better your debate will be.

        Write down as much evidence as possible to make your research days easier. Remember where you are finding the info, should you need to revisit it later.


    Link’s to resources.

    (Vegetarian) https://vegetarian.procon.org/

    (Zoo) https://www.procon.org/headline.php?headlineID=005439

    (Standardized Tests) https://standardizedtests.procon.org/

    (Mandatory National Service) https://www.procon.org/headline.php?headlineID=005433