• ACP Band

     Welcome to the Band Program! My goal is to teach my students everything that I can about music and help them to become the finest and most musical performers possible. If they always make their best effort, they will experience much success. The study of music can be both very rewarding and a lot of fun. Everything in this handout is important, so it is important that both students and their parents read it carefully. Then sign the included Music Contract and return it to me. Your son/daughter should keep this in his/her band notebook so that it can be referenced during the school year.

    I hope your son/daughter will enjoy his/her musical studies in band…if there are ever any questions, please ask!

    ACP Band Mission Statement

    The mission of band at ACP is for students to learn about music, to recognize music as one of the most basic of human activities, and to improve understanding of all types of music at the highest levels possible. Band students will learn to appreciate the most meaningful and profound music as a means of both building character and connecting with the best part of the human spirit. They will learn to perform for both their own pleasure and the pleasure of their audiences, and make good music of all styles a part of their lives. The students will learn to demonstrate responsibility, integrity, dependability, and loyalty. They will learn to appreciate the value of teamwork, and how to be both a good leader and an effective follower. Finally, each student will learn to enjoy doing it all and realize that accomplishment brings the greatest joy.


    All band classes will study and perform a variety of concert literature as well as music theory, including scales, music literacy, and ear training. The bands will perform at least two scheduled concerts during the school year, along with participating in other school related activities. Performance is an important aspect of playing and is an essential part of becoming a fine musician.


    Student Responsibilities

    Band students are responsible for:

    1.  continuing to study in band for one full school year.

    2.  remembering to bring their instruments, music, and other supplies on band days.

    3.  arriving on time in the band room for class.

    4.  taking proper care of their instruments and music/books.

    5.  keeping up with their school work.

    6.  consistently practicing at home.

          Class Rules                                    Consequences

          1. Be polite                                     1. Warning
          2. Be prepared                                2. Reflection letter
          3. Be prompt                                  3. Notify Parents/Guardians
          4. Be productive                             4. Office Referral

    Band Supplies

    Find music stores near you that provide services including instrument rental, instrument purchase, instrument repair, and the sale of band supplies. Please be careful to rent or purchase instrument brands of reputable and proven quality. If you have a question about this, Ms. Kitamura can advise you.

    You will need to provide the following.

       •  instrument in good playing condition


    •  cleaning supplies suitable for the instrument
    •  band

              1st Hour:     Standard of Excellence Books 2 & 3, Excellence in Theory Book 1 

              2nd Hour:    Standard of Excellence Books 2 & 3, Excellence in Theory Book 1 & 2

              3rd Hour Special 1:   Standard of Excellence Book 1 for their instrument

              3rd Hour Special 2:   Standard of Excellence Books 1 & 2

    •  metronome (or a metronome “App” on a smart phone)
    •  chromatic tuner (or a tuning “App” on a smart phone)
    •  pencil  
    •  folder for band music

    Supplies Needed for Specific Instruments

    • Flutes: swab (no oil)

    • Clarinets: swab, 3 new reeds at all times (Van Doren or Mitchell Lurie strength 2.5 or greater), cork grease, quality reed holder, Van Doren B45 mouthpiece, Rovner Mark III ligature.

    • Saxophones: swab, 3 new reeds at all times (Van Doren or Hemke strength 2.5 or greater), cork grease, quality reed holder, Selmer C star mouthpiece, Rovner Versa ligature.

    • Oboe & Bassoon: swab, cork grease, 3 playable quality reeds, reed holder

    • Trumpets: valve oil, slide grease, mouthpiece brush, cleaning snake, possible straight mute required, and Bach 3C mouthpiece.

    • French horn: rotary oil, slide grease, mouthpiece brush, cleaning snake, and Holton Farkas MDC mouthpiece (or comparable).

    • Trombone: trombone slide cream, small spay bottle, slide grease, mouthpiece brush, cleaning snake, rotary valve oil for F attachments, possible straight mute required, and Bach 61/2AL mouthpiece.

    • Euphonium: valve oil, slide grease, mouthpiece brush, cleaning snake, and Bach 61/2AL mouthpiece (check shank size).

    • Tuba: valve oil, slide grease, mouthpiece brush, cleaning snake, Conn Helleberg mouthpiece.

    • Percussion:

    6th Grade: stick bag, snare sticks (5A or 2B), and hard rubber xylophone mallets, medium yarn mallets

    Junior High:   additionally, staccato timpani mallets.

    Band Fee

    There is a $30 district fee for all music classes this year. This will be paid through Infinite Campus with other fees. There will be more information regarding school fees coming from the school office in the next few weeks. This fee will allow us to pay for music, supplies, repairs, and buses.

    Grading Policy


    Like all classrooms daily activity is a major part of assessing student achievement. Participation involves several aspects such as rehearsal, music exercises, team building activities, as well as reading and writing. In order for students to get their full daily participation credit they must also bring all needed music supplies. These include: assigned music and books, pencil (no pen), instrument, reeds (woodwinds), mouthpiece (brass), sticks/mallets (percussion). Last but not least, students must come with an attitude of success and cooperation. Excessive behavior problems will result in a loss of credit for that day’s participation grade.



    Throughout the year there will be several performances. There will be a concert each semester as well as various festivals throughout the year. These performances are required and are in alignment with the district and state standards.


    Playing Tests / Class Assignments

    Throughout the year students will be assigned both playing tests and class assignments. Playing tests measure a student's improvement and achievement as well as State and District Music Standards. Some of these tests will be used for chair placement and some will be used to guide the direction of teaching to individuals. For some tests students will be given a lot of preparation time, others will be on short notice. Class assignments are given throughout the year and will include topics on leadership, music theory and history.


    Concert Attire

    ACP purple polo shirt, black pants or below the knee skirt (ladies), black closed toed shoes, and black socks.


    Tax Credit

    Any support parents can offer through the Extra Curricular Tax Credit (ECA) donation program will be greatly appreciated. You may directly donate through the school website to the band. There will also be opportunities to donate music to the band program.