• Tuesday November 5th

    Warm up- Transcendental Allusions from Chapter 4 in ITW (handout given in class)

    Passed out Commencement speech with SOAPStone handout, to be annotated for block. Rhetorical analysis timed write later this week (Friday?)

    Commencement Speech and SOAPStone



    Francis Bacon Lessons- Here are the lessons/stations from Friday 18 and Monday 21 due by block. If you were gone for a field trip or the ASVAB testing, please view the remaining stations that you did not finish and write your responses on a separate sheet of paper. 


    Transcendentalism- Tuesday 10/22 Use the two links below to take notes on Transcendentalism. 

    PowerPoint 1

    PowerPoint 2 



    How Much Land Does a Man Need- Fall break reading

    Annotate/Close read story and complete SOAPStone on a lined sheet of paper. Due Tuesday when we return to school. 


    Journal Entries 

    Journal #7 Tuesday October 29

    • After reading chapter 1, use two adjectives to describe your impressions of Chris McCandless (Alex). Explain and support each adjective with a specific quote from the chapter.

    Journal #6 Monday October 28

    • What is the role of the rebel or nonconformist in American society?
    • What role does individualism play in American society?

    Journal #5 Wed/Thur October 23/24

    • Try and incorporate 3 -5 vocab words in your written response.
    • Based on what you’ve gathered so far from Transcendentalism, what is it and how can we relate it to life today? Would our lives have to change? And how can we connect it to what we’ve read so far (Tolstoy and Bacon)  

    Journal #4 Monday October 21

    • Using Unit 4 vocab words, create 5 different sentences with 5 different words

    Journal #3 Friday October 18

    • Using Unit 4 vocab words, create 5 different sentences with 5 different words

    Journal #2 Wed/Thur October 16/17

    • Using Unit 4 vocab words, create 10 different sentences with 10 different words

    Journal #1 Tuesday October 15th

    • How did Pahom’s desires contrast with Tolstoy’s beliefs?
    • Think about all the “stuff” modern- day teenagers have that Tolstoy's generation didn’t have. What do you think Tolstoy would say to a teenager today AND what did you learn from the story?