• Patterson Elementary: Deliver

    ASCA National Model: Deliver 

    School counselors provide activities and services to students and for students. This component consists of two broad categories: direct and indirect student services.

     Direct Student Services

    The school counselor reviews achievment, attendance and discipline data to inform the decisions about what activities will be delivered to create the most significant impact on these outcomes. Direct student services are delivered in several ways: instruction, appraisal and advisement, and counseling. Through each of these direct services, the school counselor and students work toward a specific goal.


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    The school counselor provides instruction that takes place in classrooms, large and small groups, and individually. The curriculum taught is focused through the lens of selected student standards from the ASCA Mindsets & Behaviors. The intent of instruction is to help all students maximize their potential by enhancing academic, career and social/emotional development and improving the outcomes of achievment, attendance and discipline.
    For questions regarding instruction, please contact Mrs. Schultz.