• Patterson Elementary: Assess

    ASCA National Model: Assess

    To achieve the best results for students, school counselors regularly assess their program to determine its effectiveness. School counselors engage in assessment to inform potential improvements to school counseling program design and delivery and to show how students are different as a result of the school counseling program.

     Program Assessment 

    LNES School Guidance Counselor

    The school counselor regularly assesses the progress toward the design and delivery of the comprehensive school counseling program as well as assesses the impact on students as indicated by participation, Mindsets & Behaviors, and outcome data. The following assessments and reports are used:

    • School Counseling Program Assessment
    • Annual Results Report: Classroom Results Report, Small-Group Results Report, and Closing-the-Gap Action Plan Results Report


    School Counselor Assessment and Appraisal 

    Assessing and Appraising school counselor performace is a multifacected process. This process includes self-assessment, formal appraisal of school counselor performance by a qualified administrator, and individual reflection of the data that informs the assessment and appraisal.