• To complete your AIR project, you will need to finish a book, record your answers to the AIR assignment on a Word document, and upload it to Turnitin.com. Review the information below to help you.


    To submit into Turnitin.com:

    1. Type "turnitin.com" into an internet browser.
    2. In the top-right corner, you will have an option that says, "Login," click it.
    3. Your username should be your Office 365 email address (example: s123456@s.cusd80.com)
    4. Your password should be the password that you use at school - #, Capital first letter of your first name, Lower case letter of your last name, your birthday (example: #Ab012306)
    5. Click on the blue hyperlink that says your Language Arts period
    6. Click the assignment that says "AIR Project Quarter 3")
    7. You can either upload your file or copy and paste it. You can select which one you would prefer at the top of the submission page.
    8. Submit it. :)  


    Fiction Template Q3 This is a writing template using Word.  I encourage you to use this to answer your questions.  It has formatted everything for you.  You only need to follow the directions and write your answers.


                       nonfiction AIR

      Turnitin codes

    period 2  23664265                period 3 23664211              period 4  23664153       period 5 23664352