• Sparrow Project

    Last year Bogle was the first junior high school in Arizona to participate in the Sparrow Clubs Project.  We are proud to announce that we will once again be sponsoring a Sparrow Child. 

    How it works:

    *Bogle is matched with a child with significant medical needs.

    *Bogle students complete community service hours throughout the year and fill out a reflection form.

    *Our community partner, Black Rock Coffee Bar, will donate $10 for every hour of community service performed up to 256 hours.

    *Bogle's Sparrow child will receive a check from Black Rock to help alleviate the medical expenses.


    Meet our 2019-2020 Sparrow Child, Jolene T. (Joey)

    For more information about the work Sparrow Clubs do visit www.sparrowclubs.org

    For a copy of the service voucher, please print both the front and back before submitting.