• About the Program


       The Ignite team will work collaboratively to help students be successful in school as well as in the community.  They will provide students with strategies to be successful in classes and teach life skills for students. 

       The Ignite Team will engage in problem solving and create a comfortable  the environment to enhance students’ sense of belonging, connection at school, and engagement with learning.


    Link to Google Classroom and Google Meets Time

    Period 1 Google Classroom

                Period 1 Google Meets:  8:00am

    Period 2 Google Classroom

                Period 2 Google Meets: 8:00am

    Period 3 Google Classroom

                 Period 3 Google Meets: 10:00am

    Period 5 Google Classroom

                  Period 5 Google Meets: 1:00pm


    If a student needs to make an appointment they can email me at fredrickson.lynda@cusd80.com or send a message through Remind.