•    Click on this link for precise directions for each section of the project. Students should also have purple papers with the directions we reviewed and discussed in class. 

                   Cultural Heritage Project Directions Packet

    Dear Parents and Guardians, 

    This letter is to inform you and your student of an important ELA assignment. The project is referred to as the CHP, the Cultural Heritage Project. All 8th grade students on all teams will be creating this assignment throughout the remainder of the year during their ELA class. 

    The assignment has been a tradition in my classroom since I first started teaching high school back in California and has since become a memorable staple of my classroom curriculum. 

    The purpose of the CHP is a culminating assignment that 

    • allows students to practice a variety of writing and grammar skills
    • is meant to document students’ positive events of their life as well as their hopes and dreams
    • includes the following components: 
    1. Photographs: all images should be followed by a 1-3 sentence caption. Students may use as many as they want with permission from family/guardians. These photographs are meant to be adhered into the project; please make sure to only send extra copies of photos or scanned images with your student. 
    2. Interviews
    3. Letters
    4. Essays
    5. Poetry/Song analysis
    6. Artwork/Illustration analysis

    Items that are important to have: 

    • A separate 1-3 inch binder/album should be dedicated to this project. (Binder/album can be whatever brand and/or color.)
    • Students should begin bringing this binder/album to class on: Friday, October 25th.
    • Page protectors / Scrapbook page protectors (needed to protect important/special photos or papers, etc.) 

    Optional items: stickers, glue, double-sided tape, scrapbook materials

    * If a binder/album can’t be purchased before Friday, October 25th, please have your student communicate with me via conversation before/after school or via email. 

    * Construction paper and basic art supplies will be supplied in the classroom. Any extra scrapbook items your family would like to donate to the classroom will be greatly appreciated. 


    Final CHP turn-in = Friday, April 17th. No late CHPs will be accepted. 

    Students will work on the project gradually every Friday. CHP materials should be brought to class every Friday. 

    *A packet of precise steps/directions will be discussed and reviewed during class over the next couple of weeks. 

    Any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact me - rodriguez.rocquel@cusd80.com


    Thank you for the support!

    Ms. Rodriguez  / ELA / Thrashers