• W.I.N. What I Need

    The BJHS WIN (What I Need) Program is a unique support/enrichment program for improving academic achievement for all students. This school-wide initiative consists of four main student-centered components: enrichment, support, social emotional learning, and independent reading. All students and teachers at Bogle will participate in the WIN program. Each Monday, all students will participate in independent reading. On Wednesdays, all students will participate in a grade level Social Emotional Learning activity. Finally, every Friday, all students will participate in Finish Up Friday, which includes time to complete make up work and check grades. Select students will receive additional academic support in math or language arts from their own teacher. This support may be targeted, remedial or proactive instruction.

    WIN Enrichment courses are driven by student choice in order to provide opportunities for students to establish strong, positive relationships with Bogle teachers beyond school curriculum. Enrichment courses are meant to provide students with exposure to topics outside of the regular school curriculum.


    There are 37 different WIN Enrichment classes to choose from, and their descriptions can be found in this WIN Enrichment Brochure.