• Welcome Letter to Parents and Students

    Posted by Christina Meyer on 8/5/2020 7:30:00 AM

    Dear Parents and Students,

    Hello! My name is Miss Meyer and I am your new biology teacher! I wanted to write you this letter to introduce myself and address some things to expect for the beginning of the school year. I know this really isn’t how many of us saw this being how our school year started, but we can take this in stride and make the most of it! I do know that I cannot wait to meet you all in person, safely of course, and get to know all my students, but we can get that process started online. One quick tip if you want to contact me, please make sure you are not adding an “s” to my last name, because I will not get those emails! It happens a lot. 

    In my google classroom under “Introduction” you’ll find a video of me going through a slideshow introducing who I am and what I love as well as a Google Form and Google Sheet for the student’s to fill out. The Google Sheet is a getting to know you form where the student answers questions about them. I love getting to know you guys as people, not just a student ID number. I think that helps me teach you all better, and it helps you all learn. The Google Form is a similar activity, but it provides a little more detail and is a bit more like a survey. It would really help me if you filled out both items and turned them in to me. I also have linked in my Google classroom my syllabus and Safety Contract. Please read and digitally sign both and submit both to me. That will go into your gradebook as the first grade for completion. It is important you know the information on both of those. They will be a part of the same document. If you have any questions on anything above please send me an email or call me during school hours. 

    I think we can get this school year started off right, even if we have to do it online. I look forward to taking you all on a journey through biology! I will often call you mini or little biologists, because anyone studying biology is called a biologist, and that's you! I would love to schedule Google Meet times for each class period on the second or third day of school , so if you’re interested please answer the Google Form! 



    Miss Meyer :)

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  • Modified Block Schedule

    Posted by Christina Meyer on 8/5/2020 7:00:00 AM

    Once we return to school in person this will be the schedule that will be followed during the day. For more information, go to the CUSD website and find the FAQs of 7-12 in person instruction and look for number 21. Modified Block Schedule

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