• Remember, this is NOT mandatory. These extra resources are to help prepare you for the AP exam. Obviously there will be new changes to the test due to the current state of the country. I will fill you in on those changes as they come. 

    However, for additional help with test preparation, click on the video link for access to three different videos:


    The videos you want to access are under the heading: AP English Language and Composition.  The AP English Literature and Composition is the senior test so don't watch those videos. The first video starts tomorrow at 12 pm MST. The times on the website are eastern times so rememeber Arizona is three hours behind. You can watch all three videos for this week. 

    This is all new, so I am hoping that even though you miss the videos, they will be recorded so you can access them at a later time. 

    For further information on how we will do classes online, I will keep you all updated as I learn more infornation. Soon we will find out more information about Dual Enrollment and AP testing. As of now, ACT has been cancelled as well. 

     I hope everyone is well and being safe. If you are needing additional help please email me or use REMIND. Take care!