• Google Classroom Login


    Visit the following through Google:

    Drive.gse.cusd80.com (Do not put a www or an https://)

    Student log in: S123456@gse.cusd80.com (the number should be YOUR ID# and not 123456)

    Password: s12345! (Again the number should be YOUR ID# and not 123456)


    GSE users will be forced to change their password immediately upon logging in for the first time. These passwords do not sync with other CUSD passwords, so users will need to remember what they change their password to and be responsible for changing them as needed. Please put it in your phone for safekeeping.


    Once logged in join your class:


    Period 1     vsjsyka

    Period 2    nggdx4b

    Period 3     nggdx4b

    Period 4     3qekoei

    Period 5     ve5ceyw

    Period 6     ve5ceyw


Last Modified on August 11, 2020