• Dear Parents,  


    In January, we introduced the “Kindergarten Clubs” to your kinder.  They are as follows:  Address Club, Phone Number Club, Shoe Tying Club, Dressing Yourself Club, and Birthday Club.  Your kinder can become part of these “clubs” by practicing these skills at home.  It is very important for children to know their address and one of their parent’s telephone numbers in case of emergency.  And we would just love if everyone in our class knew how to tie their shoes, put on their jackets, zip their jackets, and know their birthday. :) 


    There are signs in our hallway listing the clubs.  There are no set days, but about once a week, we will ask the class who is ready to be a part of each club.  When your kinder is proficient at one of these skills, they will get to sign their name under the matching sign.  To be proficient at tying shoes, the shoes must stay tied once the student jumps around the room. :)  Once a student is part of the Shoe Tying Club, they will be a designated “shoe tyer” for the class.  If they become part of all five clubs, they will earn a certificate and get to eat lunch with their teacher. 

    We have encouraged your children to want to be a part of these clubs.  They will probably be coming home today asking to learn these skills.  It is ok to focus on one skill at a time.  Thank you for being supportive of them when they ask.   


    Please let me know if you have any questions. 


    Thanks for your support!     The Patterson Kindergarten Team