• Hi! Here is a fun activity you can work on at home.

    Composing a Song

    1. Print staff paper from your computer, or take a piece of notebook paper and trace 5 lines to make a staff.

    2. On the left side of the staff, draw a treble clef or bass clef.

    3. To the right of the clef, draw 4/4 time signature.

    4. Divide the staff into 4 measures by drawing bar lines.

    5. Draw either a ll or :ll at the end of the last measure.

    6. Create rhythms for every measure. Check to make sure you have 4 beats (rests count!)

    7. Pick a scale you like.  Practice the first 5 notes of the scale.

    8. Make sure your song starts and ends on the first note of the scale.  Choose which of the 5 notes will play each rhythm pattern.

    9. Draw the notes and rhythms in the staff.

    10. Play your song! Maybe you can give it a title.

    Congratulations! You are a composer!