Enrichment Resources

  • Welcome to Mrs. Murphy's Music Online Enrichment Activities!  

    Here you will find fun music activities to try at home.  Remember, these are always optional.  

    The first set of activities are traditional, non technology-based ideas!  

    Secondly, you will find a bunch of fun links to various music games and practice. These will require a computer and occasionally a flash player.  


    • Sing your favorite song!  You can sing while you jump on the trampoline, while you do chores, pretty much anywhere. 
    • Sing to someone you love, even a pet!  
    • TOP TEN LIST: What are your top ten favorite songs of all time?  Maybe you and your family can create their own top ten list of favorites.  Find them on iTunes or online and make a fun playlist!   
    • Karoake is a super fun way to sing favorites!  YouTube and iTunes have a lot of fun karaoke links!
    • Hum or whistle a familiar song and see if your friends or family can name the song! 
    • Create a theme singalong night!  Disney singalong, Sound of Music, Annie, Movie Songs, Animals, Greatest Showman, etc!
    • Did you know that the Metropolitan Opera has free student streams on their website?  Met Opera for Students


    • Do you have any instruments at home?  Which ones can you play?  If someone else in your family plays an instrument, can they show you or help you learn a song? 
    • Make your own instruments!  Save a big canister and flip it over to create a drum.  You can use buckets and play OUTSIDE, using some wooden spoons or something that you could even wrap in duct tape or masking tape.  
    • What makes sound around your house?  Take a walk in each room and see if you can find things that make a great sound and see if you can create some unique music!  
    • Look up STOMP!, a percussion ensemble that makes music out of found sounds, like brooms, basketballs and keys! 
    • Do you have LEGOS?  Maybe build a replica of some favorite instruments, an orchestra or a brand-new instrument that you design!  


    • What dances do you know?  Can you do any of these: Macarena, Electric Slide, Bunny Hop, Twist, Cha Cha Slide, Cupid Shuffle, Chicken Dance?  You can find any of these on YouTube to learn.  
    • Just Dance games are really fun and you can find them on YouTube or via video game consoles like Wii U. 
    • Watch a musical as a family!  Musicals are stories with speaking, songs and dancing.  Check out some classics like Annie, Sound of Music, Lion King, Mary Poppins, Wizard of Oz, Oliver, Greatest Showman, etc, etc! 


    • Pick a song or piece of music.  What can you describe in the music?  
    • Think about singers, instruments, tempo (the speed of music) dynamics (how loud or soft), rhythms. 
    • How does the music make you feel?  
    • Is there a story about this music?  Use your imagination to create a story about this music.  
    • Draw a picture while you listen.  What colors do you think would be seen?  You can make your own artwork, draw an instrument you hear, draw something about the story.  
    • Musical Chairs: The classsic fun game of musical chairs...get some family to play along and pop on your favorite music.  You have to listen closely for when the music STOPS!  
    • Imagine a movie you love.  What if there were NO music in the movie?  How does music add to the story?  
    • Listen to a new style of music: Jazz (KJZZ 91.5fm plays jazz in the evenings) classical (KBAQ 89.5fm)


    • Find a comfy spot in your backyard.  Close your eyes and just listen to the sounds around you.  How many can you determine?  Which ones have a steady beat?  Which ones have no beat?  
    • Birds: We have so many beautiful birds here in the desert. Many of them can be distinguished by the sounds or music they make.  Listen to a few birds on a walk or just sitting outside.  What do you think they are saying through their music?  
    • Does anyone in your family have CDS?  Vinyl records? Cassettes?  8-Tracks?  Maybe you can take a look and see if you can figure out how they work or maybe see how your family members listened to music at your age!  


    Computer required/Flash Player needed for some


    Chrome Music Lab


    Groove Pizza




    Visual Google Doodle


    Be Part of the Music

    Dallas Symphony Orchestra

    Dallas Symphony Orchestra Instruments

    San Francisco Symphony for Kids

    Sphinx Kids (Flash required)

    Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra (flash required)



    Classics for Kids

    Music K-8

    New York Philharmonic

    PBS Music Games

    Whack a Note

    Phil Tulga: Music Connects to Reading, Math, Science (flash required)


    Boston Symphony Orchestra

    Sing with Pete the Cat

    Songs for Unusual Creatures

    Metropolitan Opera: Free Stream for Students

    Royal Ballet: Free Performances via YouTube


    Every Noise

    Folk Cloud

    The Global Jukebox

    Field Trip: Aztec Drum Rhythms

    Drum Language in Ghanian Schools

    Drum Language of the Congo

    Daria Music: Exploring World Instruments (flash)