• Compose a song!

    1. You will need a piece of staff paper, or you can trace 5 lines on notebook paper.

    2. On the left side of the staff, draw a treble of bass clef.

    3. to the right of the clef, write the time signature 4/4.

    4. Using bar lines, divide the staff into 4 measures.

    5. Create a rhythm in each measure using notes and rests. Make sure you have 4 beats in every measure.

    6. Using the first 5 notes in a scale, add notes to the rhythms you created. Always start and end the song on the first note of the scale.

    7. When you have chosen the notes, write them on the correct lines and spaces in the staff.

    8. Draw a  double bar or repeat sign at the end of the song.

    9. Try playing what you wrote.

    10. Add a title at the top of the page, and your name goes in the right hand corner.

    11. Congratulations! You are a composer!