• Remote Learning:  IEP Accommodations and Modifications


    Dear Parents,

    Even though we are using Remote Learning for the rest of the year, your child still needs to have his/her accommodations and/or modifications in place.  Here are some suggestions on how you can accommodate and/or modify the general education assignments while your modified woris learning from home.

    *Only assignments from the general educatino classroom require the accommodations/modifications.  The assignments from your child's special education teacher do not need to be accommodated or modified.


    • scribe note-taking
    • answers can be dictated (given in spoken form for someone else to write)
    • minimize distractions
    • provide consistent daily routine
    • preferential seating
    • allow provisions for physical movement
    • allow more time to complete written assignments
    • use graphic organizers
    • "designated reader" someone who reads the instructions aloud to the student
    • use a spelling dictionary or spell-checker
    • adjust level of questions
    • allow student amle response time
    • break down assignments into smaller parts
    • allow student to use other devices for written assignments
    • use an alarm to help with time management
    • mark text with highlighter
    • provide multi-sensory experiences
    • recap and/or summarize the main idea
    • reduce the writing demands


    • modified workload and/or length of assignments 
    • reduced/simplified and/or alternative assignments when needed