• Our 5th grade team met and we are going to be adding a new piece of support into the daily lessons. We have created a new flipgrid for all 5th grade students to access. This is not individualized by teacher, but rather a flipgrid that all four of us fifth grade teachers are going to use. In this flipgrid there will be two topics for students to view. You will have to navigate between the following two sections:


    • Math tutorials- This portion of the flipgrid will have short tutorials on the daily math lessons. This will give some guidance on how the problems should be done step by step and goes through some of the lesson in the book. These videos are a few minutes long and meant to be a guided tutorial on the daily lessons and give some extra insight on the material. These will be filmed by one of us 5th grade teachers and there will be a short video for each individual lesson. You can check this flipgrid daily to find these videos.


    • Read Alouds- Ms. Martin and Ms. Olson will be taking turns reading the novel The Seventh Most Important Thing by Shelley Pearsall out loud on a daily flipgrid video. They will read a few chapters a day on flipgrid (about 10 minutes or so daily). This is just meant to be a fun way to listen to a new book with us! This is not an assignment in any way, but rather a way to listen to a new book with your teachers if you would like.


    We ask that on this particular flipgrid, students do not post video responses. This flipgrid is meant to serve as a resource for all students and we do not want it to become overwhelming with too many videos at one time. If your child has specific questions about the videos being posted, you or your student can email me for further clarification and I can offer more individualized support!


    5th Grade Goodman Gators Flipgrid Link 

    ** Password has been sent via email for access