Welcome to Room 13 at Frye Elementary.  I am so excited that you stopped by.  Kindergarten is an exciting adventure where your child's love of learning starts! I am here to guide your child through many milestones this year. 

    Social emotionally we will learn how to be kind, share, be helpers and leaders.

    Academically in reading your child will go from learning the letters and sounds, to sounding out, then reading words and finally sentences! In math your child will learn to recognize numbers, in and out of order, understand their value, and add and subtract numbers. In writing, your child will learn proper letter formation, writing letters from top to bottom, and left to write. Your child will start out drawing pictures in their journal, but eventually write words, sentences and stories!

    Reading books is so important in your child's educational journey.  Children learn so much when someone sits next to or snuggles with them, and reads a story, just for fun.  You can talk about the new vocabulary, events in the story, and ask questions. Books can take them on so many adventures, help them to learn how to solve problems, and most of all, they are fun!  Reading to your child one-on-one every day shows your child they are a priority!  Reading helps fuel the brain with words and ideas, and is so important for learning new vocabulary, comprehension, as well as retelling or sequencing events. 

    I value play in kindergarten just as much as academics.  When children play, they are exploring, creating, using their senses and experimenting. This is how they develop their physical, social-emotional and thinking skills.  When students create and build during play, they develop many skills such as fine and gross motor, spatial skills as well as learn about cause and effect.  When they play with friends or tell you about what they are doing, they are building language skills.