If your child has never logged in to their CUSD Google account before, they MUST SET UP AN ACCOUNT before they can log into a Google Meeting/Chat. 

    1.  Go to classroom.google.com. Please log out of ALL other Google accounts.
    2.  Then "create account" using this info: 
    • s + ID# + @gse.cusd80.com for the username (USERNAME would be sxxxxxx@gse.cusd80.com - use student id)
    • s + ID# + ! for the password  (PASSWORD would be sxxxxxx! - use student id)


    For more information, we encourage you and/or your child to view the following resources:

    Parents’ Guide to Google Classroom (presentation): Click HERE

    Google Classroom Cheat Sheet - Parents/Students: Click HERE

    Troubleshooting Google Classroom for Students: Click HERE