• Absences – If your child is going to be absent, please call the school (480-424-8500). If your child is going to be absent for an extended period (a week or more) please notify me as well as the front office.


    Tardies – When your child comes to school late, he/she must be taken to the office for a tardy slip. Please help your child get to school on time because instruction will start right away. School hours are as follows: 8:35-3:05. Please be sure your child does not arrive on campus before 8:10 a.m. as there will be no supervision before that time.

    Dismissal –Please be sure you fill out the form “After School Transportation Information” and turn it in to me BEFORE the first day of school! If there will be any changes in the usual transportation arrangement, please be sure to contact the office at least an hour prior to dismissal. We will NEVER send a student home without parent permission via the office. Our parent pick up area is in the front of the school. Stay in your vehicles, obey traffic signs, and always use the name plates in your front right car dash window. These easy steps will ensure a smooth and safe transition for everyone involved.


    If you need to get an urgent message to your child or myself, please call the office and they will get the message to us before the students are released. The classroom phones go straight to voicemail, so you will not be able to contact me directly by calling the classroom. You may also send a note with your child to school to alert me of any changes for that day.